Brhands Foundation emerges as a tribute to artisans and craftsmanship, celebrating every single person who creates soulful pieces with their own hands. They are storytellers of history and culture who devoted body and soul to exquisite techniques, where talent meets dedication to achieve excellence.


We stand up for the ones that kept the art of craftsmanship alive, we want to tell their stories, over years of dedication and daily effort. This was how Brhands Foundation comes to life: to support those who devote themselves to the excellence of craftsmanship, recognizing the unique contribute of artisans to the history of each piece and to the arts worldwide. We aim to honor makers, the ones who shape their own hands led by the passion for craftsmanship, to gave life to beautiful and exclusive creations.


In this journey from the past towards a new cultural progress, we are committed to promote creativity and innovation while respecting traditions and safeguarding cultural heritage. We take the social responsability of create competitive advantage and a valuable environment across industries, where skilled artisans are encourage and treasured worldwide and, as long as next generations are being inspired by their expertise to follow their footsteps. The purpose of ensure that their knowledge is passed on, as well as this spirit of experimentation, is truly important as a way to make traditional techniques sustainable and valued.

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